Weekly Wish-list: I Don’t Care I Want It

Everyone has a wish-list of really awesome things you want but don’t actually need. Here’s ours.

Weekly Wish List: I Don't Care I Want It


1) A membership to the Hunt Club: Even though there are numerous services that send you fashions based on your tastes then charge you for what you decide to keep, none have the styling bravado and vast collection synonymous with the Frank & Oak name.

The Hunt Club, is a smart investment for fashion fiends that prefer something a little fresher than what’s off the rack. But if you’re like me and don’t really need more clothes (despite REALLY wanting them) you might want to think this through before committing. 

2) Basic Brown Watch: This sleek and sexy watch from Nixon is a time piece that’s just so fitting with the fall time vibe.  And as far as highbrow watches go, it’s not horribly overpriced ($230) yet, the faceless aspect of the clock mutes its full on practicality. 

3) Fancy cologne by Tom Ford: It looks sexy, smells divine and has that Tom Ford gentleman’s charm that every man wants and needs.

4) This random tofu-taco recipe: This tofu phase isn’t over yet but it really should be…

5) Miracle GoopHanz de Fuko‘s Claymation, a half-wax, half-clay hybrid styling product is the answer to finding the perfect goop that will give you the right amount of hold, without being too shiny and that won’t make your hair too hard.

Since it’s relatively inexpensive ($19) and a little bit goes a long way, this item leans more towards the need than want category. 

6) A thought provoking documentary: Call Me Kuchu addresses the struggle to fight Uganda’s inhumane anti-gay laws that make homosexuality punishable by death. The movie also chronicles African LGBT activist David Kato, who was tragically murdered in his home one year into filming the project. 

7) Another sex toy: The Head to Head Cyberskin Stroker is hands down the much cooler and gayer version of a chinese finger trap that’s designed to add a rather interesting and orgasmic twist to mutual wanking sessions. At $46 bucks it’s hardly pricey but it’s still no bargain. 




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