Today in Gay (News): Gay Canadian Man Paralyzed in Hate Crime + Egyptian Police Arrest Men For…

Health Club Raided in Cairo

Over the weekend, Egyptian authorities arrested at least 14 men for “practicing homosexuality” at a health club in Cairo, known as the Cairo Club. Police also found various sexual stimulants, and are keeping the men arrested in custody until the government can prove homosexual activity happened via intrusive and embarrassing medical exams.

The good news is there’s no known anti-gay legislation in Egypt but the bad news: the men will still be prosecuted…under the country’s debauchery law.

Heinous Hate Crime Paralyzes Innocent Gay Canadian Man


27-year-old Scott Jones was brutally attacked during a weekend bar crawl for being openly gay, and is now paralyzed but in stable condition. Shortly after the attack, a 19-year-old named Shane Edward Matheson was arrested and is being charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon. He’s scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

While we are saddened to hear about the awful attack on Scott Jones and the damage he’s suffered, we’re so grateful he survived and our hearts and prayers go out to him, his family and loved ones in Nova Scotia.






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