Today in Gay (News): Lee Daniels Will Make a Gay Interracial Action Flick + Harvey Milk Postage Stamps +…

NJ Judge Sticks it to Chris Christie


Blessed be! NJ Governor Chris Christie‘s last ditch attempt to delay the official ruling that requires New Jersey recognize same sex marriage was DENIEDDD! The state still has until October 21 to get the paperwork and specifics in order that will grant gay couples the right to get married. And although, it’s likely that Christie will try to appeal the decision before the deadline anyway, it’s doubtful Judge Mary Jacobson will accept any future motions aimed at further delaying this crucial change in the law.   

Here’s a snippet of what she had to say about her judgement: “Granting a stay would simply allow the state to continue to violate the equal protection rights of New Jersey same-sex couples, which can hardly be considered a public interest,”

USPS honors Harvey Milk


The Harvey Milk Foundation happily announced that the U.S. Postal Service plans to honor Milk via an elaborate and artistic commemorative 2014 stamp. The USPS will release more details about the project this week, though the foundation indicated that the stamp will feature one of Milk’s signature mottos—”Hope will never be silent.”

Alex Pettyfer + Unknown Sexy Blacktor to Star in Lee Daniels Gay Action Hero Flick

5th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon - Arrivals

Although Hollywood is still buzzing about the acclaim and success of The ButlerDirector Lee Daniels is already dishing about his latest project involving a sexy interracial couple and their gay super hero romance. So far hottie Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike, I Am Number Four) is attached to the movie but Daniels says he’s still looking for the right tall, dark and handsome actor to play opposite of Pettyfer in his next cinematic masterpiece.

Can’t wait to discover the title of this film along with all of the other sexy, bold and awesomely gay things about the movie that’s sure to be a smash and shake things up!


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