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    • As someone who is HIV+ I took no offense to the wording in the script and found these very hilarious! Ppl are to hung up on being politically correct or sensitive to all different ppl in the world that they cant just find something funny without nit picking. The world as a whole has a negative stigma on HIV+ ppl. You keep doing what you’re doing because there are those out there that find this very very FUNNY!!!

    • As someone who is HIV negative, but educated on the issue, I found this extremely stigmatizing against HIV+ people. I mean, it’s the only common denominator in each and every profile. Why feel the need to include that sentence? It would have been just as funny. But it ruined it for me.

    • It wouldn’t have hurt to put in a poz character for variety, albeit someone would get angry for claiming that character has HIV. It’s probably a no win situation.
      That being said, all of them claiming to be negative is well in the spirit of what happens Grindr where many people claim to be negative regardless if it is true or not.

    • Sadly, while it probably wasn’t your intention, the whole “neg” thing really does highlight how narrow-minded many real guys on Grindr can be — which detracts from the comedy. 😦

    • I am also Hiv-positive and didn’t take this offensively. I mean, these are the villains, right?

    • I noticed the “neg” theme as well and actually thought it was intentional. These are all villains right? They are evil nasty people and their profiles reflect that in their stigmatizing.

    • I noticed it right away that everything was HIV-. I’m neg and I thought it was rather overt. But the flip side of the coin is, how would people react if the creators made some villain poz… would someone inevitably bitch that: sure make the creepy one poz. It’s a no-win situation. All that aside, I appreciate the humor in it.

    • I’m positive and didn’t see the post as stigmatizing HIV+ guys. It’s reflecting a perfect example of what’s on Grindr and part of why I left it. So many guys on there immediately dismiss you if you are honest about your status, but they’ll hookup with just about anyone who says “neg” or leaves their status blank. Craigslist is even worse.

    • This comes across as satire more than comedy for me. Satire isn’t always funny by definition, but done well, it causes us to think about complex or difficult topics. I think this is satire done well. Chris B. has a point about negative reactions to selecting a character to be HIV+, but I think not worse than what you’re experiencing in discussion here. We need to talk about it, and it would have been worse if you had completely left out HIV status in this satire. Thanks for the creative discussion-starter.

    • I have done a lot of work with people living with HIV and I found one of the biggest annoyances for us were people getting offended for others. Of course this comic is a little biased but not in any aggressive way. They are bad guys, of course THEY have closed minds. Don’t shout outrage when there are a few people living with it here saying they don’t feel negative stigma

  1. I thought the SAME THING. Damn, these guys will kidnap, kill, steal, enslave, wield dark magic, even kill members of their own families, but godforbid a POZ person msges them. Because that would just be WRONG..

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  3. TALK ABOUT HIV BASHING… every post has NEG in it…. waiting for the “oops, we didn’t even notice” lie that will follow once others start to point this fact out to them. In reality, it shows their own prejudice that lies underneath their satire.

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  5. I see what yall are saying about there being no Poz people at all but HIV bashing is a bit of a stretch.

    • Poz bashing a stretch? Maybe but you also see white for white…still a stretch? No, still not bashing but possibly? I’m dad to say my best friend is racist. His profile says white for white ONLY and he says he knows better uses for dark skins.

    • Seriously, bruce.

      You realize that it’s acutally mocking that sort of behavior, not endorsing it right?

      • agreed this entire series is obviously mocking the superficiality of the grindr scene. To get so upset over it is a waste of time

    • I am surprised that a lot of guys on here do not see that the pics are actually mocking that type of profile…asking for dick pics w/o sharing their own, being old and asking for 35 and under, weighing 300+ pounds and asking for a muscle daddy.

      They are joking about those profiles and the “neg 4 neg” is just the cherry on top because so many people are willing to believe what they read. And many of them will take the ad for truth and bareback with their trick. Maybe this hit too close to home for a lot of readers?

  6. This did come across as pozphobic. I don’t see that on every Grindr profile. It really stuck out that it was on all of these. Don’t see how it added to the humor.

  7. No you guys, their point was (I’m sure) it’s only the really bad guys that think half their community are dirty scum. It’s the one’s who don’t do the “I’m clean UB2” bs who are the heroes. Right?

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  9. Wasn’t your intention to sound virophobic? Well, you failed miserably. It was the one single aspect that consistently stuck out in most of them. Your feigned surprise people would be offended is just a touch hard to swallow. Either that, or you’re astonishingly insensitive.

  10. As an HIV+ I am offended by this, I think the whole neg4neg is terrible. I get it’s all a joke to the common person but for myself and other people this is just on my pozphobic attack.
    It unnecessary to have to have this repeated in every profile, even if it “only I joke”

  11. For a website called “everything gay” HIV has and is still an epidemic in the Gay world, You’d think you’d be a little more sensitive towards a population thats already stigmatized and mistreated

  12. Loving the READ BACK on the “neg4neg” posts on the pics. It like basically saying (for all you babies out there)…
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  13. Wow! How HIV Poz phobic is THIS artist!!!

    Each of the profiles should have just said “don’t even look at my profile if you are HIV positive. I don’t care if you are healthy or undetectable, I don’t want people to think I know anyone who has any disease let alone THAT DISEASE even though I’m probably positive myself from ‘only hooking up with neg guys’ (who also likely don’t know their status because they, like I, have already had unprotected sex several times this week, but only with CLEAN guys so I’m still good).”

  14. It’s a shame that a site claiming to represent gay/queer culture is so vehemently anti HIV+ people. I guess they consider them not really people, so it’s fine to bash them. Saying “neg as of XX/YY/ZZ” or something once would be considered normal, but seriously have the authors been on grindr? Not everyone is as hateful as they are toward people living with HIV.

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  17. As flaming sissy queer, an avid disney fanatic (boarding a plane to the most wonerful place on earth in just 12 days!!) and an admitted grindr skeptic (but user!!), I think these are genius!! As an openly HIV+ queer man who has worked professionally for over 15 years in the field of HIV treatment & prevention/queer health—-my opinion is unchanged. These are clearly satire (seeing as how they are social media profiles for fictional animated characters….who don’t actually HAVE sexual orientations!!!) and I don’t read them as even remotely stigmatizing o us poz guys. I think they poke fun at how queer Disney characters can be AND at how shallow & stigmatizing queer men can be (and not just HIV stigma—-these ads are pretty body fascist, as well, and yet nobody seems all that up in arms about THAT…..hmmm LOL). Anti HIV? Not so much….more of a really clever critique of the pervasive aHIV stigma that remains a very real, destructive & dangerous problem among gay men.

    I am 100% behind the idea of challenging & eliminating HIVphobia where it exists…but let’s pick and choose our battles, folks!! Let’s focus on REAL examples of this stigma like: queer leaders who continue to challenge or demonize next gen prevention like PrEP & microbicides because they might facilitate sex with less worry across lines of serostatus……Or public health &/or legal policy that criminalizes poz people or characterizes us as dangerous predators or reduces us to nothing more than a vector of disease….or TV & cinema that ignore the existence of poz guys or perpetually cast us in the roles of victim or villain…..or media depictions that paint an inaccurate and outdated picture of living with HIV that looks straight from the script of “Philadelphia”….or federal bureaus and international “humanitarian” organizations that ban all gay blood because of clear (ill-informed & ill-placed) antigay & antiHIV stigma. THOSE are the enemy/problem….not satirical cartoonists! :-/

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  19. What does this say about the artist that he/she only used villains? If the artist is a gay man, as I assume, then is it internalized homophobia or maybe he just likes bad boys? Perhaps he has issues with promiscuity. It’s subtle messages like this that we should be looking out for. While I doubt that message was intended, it is nevertheless present.

  20. WHY are people freaking out about the “neg” thing?? It is literally on most grindr profiles!! Go complain to the people on grindr that are being made fun of here. This is just grindr transliterated!!!

    • I do call out every profile on grindr that I see with them. It shouldn’t be in on any profile, satire or not. It’s like using a racial slur in my eyes. And we both know that would be removed immediately. Apps like Mister will de-active profiles with hiv discrimination (like grindr, scruff and jackd should as well)

  21. Satire or not it’s not cool to add the Neg4Neg crap regardless. If you want to take it even further you should have made them “Blendr/okcupid” profiles. Gays have been vilified in entertainment for almost 100 years now. So that being said I also, as an HIV positive man, find these incredibly offensive. Some of the poz community feel shame because of actions like the ones depicted on these. Poor taste.

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  23. These are great, however reading them I did think they were pretty discriminatory towards the pos community. Looking in the comments I see I’m not the only one. The satire is great, but the ‘neg only’ stuff in it feels out of place when it’s on almost every one.
    The HIV stigma is alive an well and we should all be working together to get rid of that stigma in our community.
    As a neg man I hate to see how our pos peers in our community are treated. You get a good effort star from me.;-)

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