YouTube Stew: Awesomely Bad Celeb Proactiv Commercials

Some of these celebs might be too cool and rich for Proactiv now, but before they became too big to fail they weren’t…supposedly.

Lindsay Lohan must have given Proactiv the axe the moment she discovered plastic surgery. Too bad she didn’t try Lancôme instead.

This ad is fairly recent but we can’t blame Justin Bieber for getting his hustle on by “inspiring” his pimply faced teenage girl fans to buy this allegedly miraculous acne system…it’s his right as a Canadian.

It’s really a shame Katy Perry is on this list, but it is what it is.

Jessica Simpson…womp womp womp!

Its safe to say Avril Lavigne did NOT revamp her “career” with these semi-recent Proactiv spots.

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