Fitness Tip: Meditate Before, After and During Every Work Out for Better Results

Did you know that using some sort of meditation throughout your workouts can release even more stress and boost your overall fitness?



It’s important to note that there really isn’t much of a difference from being in the zone and being in a state of zen while exercising, except for the terminology. After all, both require you to quiet the mind to in order to influence the body to do something productive. But with meditation, you’re always reminded to do one crucial thing; breathe.

By utilizing the power of your mind and breath, you release excess tension and put yourself in the mindset to make the mental-physical connection you need to accomplish your goals during a workout.

Sometimes when we get too in the zone, we forget how important it is to breathe because our focus is on getting it over with rather than working through the task and any discomfort we may feel.

The main problem with rushing through any activity, even one as simple as stretching, is that you can easily neglect doing the full range of motion which is totally counterproductive when trying improve and get solid fitness results.

Just by adding in some basic mediation, like taking deep breathes while counting in your head or reciting a power phrase (i.e. “I run this sh*t,” or “I’m the baddest bitch.”), before and throughout the stages of your workout, you will drastically effect your physical performance for the better each time you do it— giving way to a healthier, fitter you inside and out.

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