Diversity on Screen: The Fosters Co-Creator Peter Paige Speaks on LGBT Parenting

Peter Paige (Queer as Folk) dishes on same-sex marriage and LGBT parenting in the media.

Photo: qpicture.com

Photo: qpicture.com

Remember, the crazy, sexy, queer of Emmet on Queer as Folk? Well Peter Paige, the actor who portrayed this unforgettable character, is also the co-creator of ABC Family‘s latest hot series The Fosters. The new show focuses on the lives of youths in foster care, the child welfare system, and features a lesbian couple with both biological and adopted children.

Paige says the diverse set of characters on this show along with various other shows, have totally helped change the stage for LGBT parents as well as inspire the general public to get past negative stereotypes about same sex families. “TV reaches people in their homes, and week after week it reconnects them to a very simple idea. In this case, it’s the fact that LGBT-parented families are strikingly similar to their own families,” said Paige.

Read the full interview from last month’s Vanguard newsletter here 


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