15 Reasons ‘Mean Girls’ And ‘The Craft’ Are Basically The Same Movie

regina george = nancy

Thought Catalog

Mean Girls was very obviously inspired by Heathers — the original Mean Girl movie, starring the timeless Winona Ryder. However, there’s another movie that should get credit for doing the damn thing first: The Craft. The Craft is basically Mean Girls + witchcraft, and if you run down the movie’s shared plot points, the parallels are spookier than Fairuza Balk’s facial expressions.

Here are 15 reasons that Mean Girls and The Craft are soul twins:


1. The Craft and Mean Girls prominently feature four girls, each of them impossibly beautiful for high school standards. They really like to play pranks on those around them to get power over them (through witchcraft, through trickery and gossip) and walk down the school halls in slow motion, as if they own the joint. Love ya!


2. The movie begins when a new girl from moves to the clique’s town (LA, Evanston) from…

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