Trending: Robbing for Weaves

Should we be worried about where this whole stealing weave mini-epidemic is headed? Probably…

Have you heard? Weave thieves are on the rise, and the situation is far more heinous than it sounds. In cities across the US scores of beauty supply stores and salons are being robbed by seedy hair merchants and unyielding weave wearers seeking some of the most expensive weaves and extensions on the market.

Of the most infamous hair heists to date, last year’s massive weave theft in Chicago takes the cake, resulting in over $230,000 dollars worth of stolen human hair.  Meanwhile overseas in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, street gangs are actually forcing women with long hair to cut their locks at gunpoint in order to sell it on the underground weave and hair extension market. Yes like for real.

As hilarious as this is, and to a degree it is very funny, like most blasphemous epidemics the humor of it kind of wears off the longer it goes on…and at a certain point it just becomes kind of sad. Not because it’s pathetic (which it is) but because the majority of US weave thieves (most of them African American females) have been sucked into believing their pricey hairstyle  is worth going to jail for.

Truthfully black women weave robbing is no different from a woman of any race stealing material goods to make herself pretty like dazzling diamonds, make up or clothing. But it’s far more likely that the ripple effect of this practice will have a much more long and lasting negative impact for black women than it will for anyone else. More so in dense urban communities like Philadelphia and Chicago where the odds are already stacked against them anyways.

As a black girl I understand the complexities of living in a society where what you have to work with on your head isn’t very popular or even desirable to some, despite never having worn a weave before (though I have to say I’m curious to see what all the hype is about). But what confuses me is how many of my fellow black diamonds and pearls don’t see just how stupid it is to take the great risk of committing a serious crime for something as trivial and temporary as a few bundles of Remy.

How unbe-fu*king-weavable…

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