Obama Gives Putin and Russia’s Anti-Gay Tirade the Hand

Should POTUS ignore the escalating gay rights crisis in Russia because the US is punishing Putin for granting NSA leaker Edward Snowden amnesty? 

Photo: judiciaryreport.com

Photo: judiciaryreport.com

It’s official, President Obama will NOT be meeting up with Russian president Vladimir Putin in September of this year, so there won’t be any discussion about all the anti-gay drama going on (among other things), and it’s all Edward Snowden‘s fault…well sort of.  Once Mother Russia decided to give the 29-year-old NSA leaker/traitor permission to nest in their country, knowing the US government was on the hunt for Snowden after filing serious charges against the former NSA contractor for his criminal whistle-blowing, any and all plans of a US and Russia get together were quickly wiped off the table.

At the same time, Russia’s massive homophobic uprising has created such a cause for concern that POTUS and his administration really should make some kind of address to Putin on the topic even if it’s not face-to-face. With America’s growing acceptance of marriage equality and laws protecting the rights of those in the LGBT community, it seems a bit childish not to take the opportunity to call Russia out on these injustices simply because POTUS and his administration are still brooding over this thing with Snowden, particularly when the US is always so keen on getting involved with foreign drama.

Yet, looking at the Obama administration’s fruitless track record in the mission to make nice and come to common ground with Russia and Putin, it’s not surprising POTUS  decided to shift his focus elsewhere. Not to mention it seems awfully cut and dried that no one, especially not the US, will be effective in derailing Russia’s new anti-gay tirade. Sure the UN may have some pull, but that’s only if they actually try to squash it down and the reality is that they probably won’t.  After all why would they target Russia for their legal homophobia when they haven’t even put forth much of an effort to stop all of the brutal killings of gays in African countries like Uganda and Cameroon.

Quite obviously Putin knows there isn’t anyone who’s going to put their foot down on this issue and challenge him, unless they’re willing to put up a fight. But the bigger picture suggests, these new anti-gay laws are currently Putin’s only tactic in the struggle to keep Russia’s stone cold, iron clad cultural legacy in check during an uncertain but exciting time when so many progressive foreign influences are inspiring Russian citizens to live as individuals, though Putin and his regime probably see it as an infiltration of sorts. One thing is certain, things for gays in Russia will most likely get a lot worse before they get better.

Will Obama let this slide for good or will he and his administration wait to do something until the ish really hits the fan?


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