Chris Christie Throws Shade at NJ Gays

Who is Governor Chris Christie trying to impress by defending NJ’s unpopular gay marriage ban, potential right wing voters or the GOP? 



It’s a no brainer, Chris Christie doesn’t care about appealing to gay Americans. But given his mounting reputation as the Republican other Republicans deem a loud, crass and overly moderate renegade living off the conservative political grid, he really should reconsider. Recently the Governor made his first official legal statement about marriage equality in a  move to defend New Jersey’s very unpopular gay marriage ban. The actual legal brief set up by Christie and his team was so bad that Slate Magazine coined it “the most incoherent defense of heterosexual supremacy yet.”  

The biggest problem is that the document inarticulately stresses the belief that marriage is a hetero-only institution, and that it needs to be protected from the LGBT community that stands to tarnish its legacy with queerness. Coincidentally this is exactly the kind of blatantly homophobic and equally dumbfounding rhetoric much (if not the majority) of the GOP uses to explain their anti-same sex marriage stance— leaving a lot of questions about whether or not this whole tizzy is actually a political ploy of Governor Christie’s aimed at impressing fellow right wingers.

Thankfully we can all rest assured that if Christie does gain the GOP’s universal favor, this half-assed but laughable performance is only one of many more to come down the line.


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